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Electrical Work Around the Home

Every now and then you will need some kind of repair or maintenance completed around the home where a local tradesman is needed and this can be anything  some painting and decorating to hiring a qualified locksmith.

Most people can change a light bulb and that is their limit but as electrical work is so dangerous you will need the assistance of a professional 24/7 electrician to do the job for you safely and to a professional standard.


This could be an electrical fault where some appliances do not work or you will need some rewiring done to get the ageing electrics updated so they last for many years to come.

So how do you go about finding a person or company qualified enough to do a professional job for you? There are a few popular methods that you can use to find an electrical contractor near you.

You may know of someone local like a neighbour that will be able to help as they are an electrician for a living. This will save you the research, but if you do need to do a little research than searching online is the most easiest option.

Pick around three companies that you like the look of and thorough check their website. Look for things like testimonials and get a quote to see which is the most or best value for money. Remember also that cheapest is not always the best option so be careful.

You will need to find a company that will guarantee their work should the unlikely event of anything going wrong once work is complete. This will give you peace of mind for when the job is complete.

Removing Rubbish from Your Home

You cannot just throw electrical items out with your general household rubbish as they need specialist disposal due to the materials that they are constructed from. There will be a number of materials that are toxic and will be harmful to the environment. These are thing s like lead and mercury which can damage water.

This type of waste is called WEEE which stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment and can be anything from a small toaster to a large item like a fridge or a chest freezer.

You can watch the video below to find out a little more on WEEE. This regulation came into place in January 2014. If you don’t know where or how you can dispose of your old TV you could contact your local council for help and advice.

If you have any of these items that you are finished with and they are at the end of their lifetime you should use a licenced waste disposal company to help you dispose of them in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Of course, if the item still works it may be of use to someone else by donating it to a charity shop or you could even sell it on an auction website online.

If you are searching online fo a company to use online, a good example of a reputable company is

The Best Furniture Showroom in London, UK

fci London is the largest and most frequented furniture showroom in London. With over thirty years in existence, fci London has become a major household name when it comes to designing and selling some of the most unique and beautiful furniture ever designed. To make sure that you only get the best and most fashionable furniture, fci London has over seven hundred pieces of furniture, all designed by the most renowned designers and brands. All these furniture is available for showcasing at their beautiful showroom that has the size of a whopping twenty thousand square foot. No other furniture showroom in London has that many pieces of furniture, and they are classy and original.

See the fci London | contemporary furniture store


Once you visit the showroom, you are treated with the utmost respect and humility. There are several designers on standby ready to take you around the show room and also answer all your questions. Also, you are not left alone to shop. The most competent interiors designers will take you through every stage, making suggestions and listening to what you need. What you are assured of in short is quality service. Every employee in the show room will go out of their way to make sure that you get the best service and that you also get to buy furniture that will make your home look beautiful and amazing.

More so, furniture alone is not enough to beautify your home. That is why at fci London showroom, you will find a team of interior designers ready to help you with the interior of your house. The team is made up of architects and experts in interior design. Among other things, this team will ensure that as you install furniture in your house, the space of available will be adequate. That means you don’t risk buying furniture only to discover that it is too much for the house, or in other scenarios, you find that a big empty space is left unoccupied.

Furthermore, this team is competent in visualizations. It will among other things, help you select the perfect wall paintings to go along with your furniture, lighting in the house, art, floor treatments and select a good home cinema. The interior design team can actually help you do a full transformation of your house with Tom Dixon furniture


Fci showroom is the crème de la crème when it comes to helping their clients. Also not to forget, you are sure to find whatever piece of contemporary furniture you are looking for in this amazing show room. As evidenced by their actions, fci London indeed love what they do.

Photography is Art

As much as people argue that photography is not art, I am sure that they will have a different opinion once they see the work of Nunzio Prenna. Nunzio Prenna is a London based photographer skilled in various types of photography. These include fashion photography, lifestyle photography, and architecture photography amongst many others. He started out as a kid taking pictures during school trips and also for fun. However by the time he was sixteen years old, Nunzio Prenna had already made a name for himself in the world of photography. He is currently the one of the most sought photographer in London and out of London due to the amazing pictures he produces.


Nunzio Prenna has amazing skills that enable him to capture every moment as it should be. From breathtaking landscape photos to amazing photos of the interiors of buildings, Nunzio Prenna has what it takes to produce masterful and beautiful pictures which are a real class of art.

For instance, he captures architectures in their natural surroundings such that you feel like you are indeed viewing everything at a glance. Nunzio Prenna has the ability to make use of the natural light to shoot exquisite pictures that are unrivalled in their beauty.

Also, Nunzio Prenna is into lifestyle photography and fashion photography. These types of photography requires a person with a good eye for detail and creative enough to shoot the best photos. Just like a painter, Nunzio Prenna first creates the image in his mind and then actualizes the image into a real life scenario and shoots. He knows that success in photography also relies in the creativity of the photographer and that is exactly what makes him the best at the job. See the best fashion photographer London


The best art is one that you see and get a clear and lasting image in your brain. And that is what the pictures of Nunzio Prenna are all about. Indeed photography is art.

Locksmith Wimbledon Hire Today!

When you have a lock issue you want the locks with Wimbledon who will resolve your lock trouble leaving you to deal with your busy life and schedule. We stock one of the largest ranges of locks available from the most additional to the most modern locks available on the market. If you are looking for something on a budget or aiming to achieve high security with the industry leading locksmith Wimbledon brands then we can help. 

Locksmith Wimbledon Hire Today!

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An aggressively valued, quick reaction 24 hour crisis locksmith is accessible if there should arise an occurrence of key misfortune or thievery.

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